The following development releases (i.e. prior to the release of v1.0) are planned:

v0.5 dip.model Review
  • investigate the ability to bind to other models (e.g. SQLAlchemy)
  • eliminate any dependencies on PyQt.
v0.6 dip.plugins Review
  • support for discovering plugins via the module and allowing the user to enable or disable discovered plugins.
v0.7 Review
  • implement import and export functions
  • validate the structured storage APIs
  • eliminate any dependencies on PyQt.
v0.8 dip.automate Review
  • eliminate any dependencies on PyQt
  • resolve outstanding issues, particularly on OS/X.
v0.9 dip-builder Review
  • add support for at least one non-distutils packaging solution (e.g. PyInstaller) so that a single executable file for an application can be created with a few mouse clicks.
v0.10 Final Architecture Review
  • resolve all outstanding issues. This will be a release candidate for v1.0.

In addition, the following enhancements and additional features are planned for some future version of dip:

  • a user documentation system that can be extended by plugins with specific documentation
  • adding support for at least one additional toolkit (e.g. PyKDE).

The above is not a complete list and does not reflect any planned order of implementation.

Suggestions for additional features are always welcome.