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QSysInfo Class Reference
[QtCore module]

The QSysInfo class provides information about the system. More...



Detailed Description

The QSysInfo class provides information about the system.

Some constants are defined only on certain platforms. You can use the preprocessor symbols Q_WS_WIN and Q_WS_MAC to test that the application is compiled under Windows or Mac.

Type Documentation


Constant Value Description
QSysInfo.BigEndian 0 Big-endian byte order (also called Network byte order)
QSysInfo.LittleEndian 1 Little-endian byte order
QSysInfo.ByteOrder <platform-dependent> Equals BigEndian or LittleEndian, depending on the platform's byte order.


This enum provides platform-specific information about the sizes of data structures used by the underlying architecture.

Constant Value Description
QSysInfo.WordSize ( sizeof( void * ) <<3 ) The size in bits of a pointer for the platform on which the application is compiled (32 or 64).

Method Documentation

QSysInfo.__init__ (self)

QSysInfo.__init__ (self, QSysInfo)

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