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QScriptString Class Reference
[QtScript module]

The QScriptString class acts as a handle to "interned" strings in a QScriptEngine. More...


Special Methods

Detailed Description

The QScriptString class acts as a handle to "interned" strings in a QScriptEngine.

QScriptString can be used to achieve faster (repeated) property getting/setting, and comparison of property names, of script objects.

To get a QScriptString representation of a string, pass the string to QScriptEngine.toStringHandle(). The typical usage pattern is to register one or more pre-defined strings when setting up your script environment, then subsequently use the relevant QScriptString as argument to e.g. QScriptValue.property().

Call the toString() function to obtain the string that a QScriptString represents.

Call the toArrayIndex() function to convert a QScriptString to an array index. This is useful when using QScriptClass to implement array-like objects.

Method Documentation

QScriptString.__init__ (self)

Constructs an invalid QScriptString.

QScriptString.__init__ (self, QScriptString other)

Constructs a new QScriptString that is a copy of other.

bool QScriptString.isValid (self)

Returns true if this QScriptString is valid; otherwise returns false.

(int, bool ok) QScriptString.toArrayIndex (self)

Attempts to convert this QScriptString to a QtScript array index, and returns the result.

If a conversion error occurs, *ok is set to false; otherwise *ok is set to true.

This function was introduced in Qt 4.6.

QString QScriptString.toString (self)

Returns the string that this QScriptString represents, or a null string if this QScriptString is not valid.

See also isValid().

bool QScriptString.__eq__ (self, QScriptString other)

int QScriptString.__hash__ (self)

bool QScriptString.__ne__ (self, QScriptString other)

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