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QDBusReply Class Reference
[QtDBus module]

The QDBusReply class stores the reply for a method call to a remote object. More...


Detailed Description

The QDBusReply class stores the reply for a method call to a remote object.

A QDBusReply object is a subset of the QDBusMessage object that represents a method call's reply. It contains only the first output argument or the error code and is used by QDBusInterface-derived classes to allow returning the error code as the function's return argument.

It can be used in the following manner:

 QDBusReply<QString> reply = interface->call("RemoteMethod");
 if (reply.isValid())
     // use the returned value
     // call failed. Show an error condition.

If the remote method call cannot fail, you can skip the error checking:

 QString reply = interface->call("RemoteMethod");

However, if it does fail under those conditions, the value returned by QDBusReply.value() is a default-constructed value. It may be indistinguishable from a valid return value.

QDBusReply objects are used for remote calls that have no output arguments or return values (i.e., they have a "void" return type). Use the isValid() function to test if the reply succeeded.

Method Documentation

QDBusReply.__init__ (self, QDBusMessage reply)

Automatically construct a QDBusReply object from the reply message reply, extracting the first return value from it if it is a success reply.

QDBusReply.__init__ (self, QDBusPendingCall call)

Automatically construct a QDBusReply object from the asynchronous pending call pcall. If the call isn't finished yet, QDBusReply will call QDBusPendingCall.waitForFinished(), which is a blocking operation.

If the return types patch, QDBusReply will extract the first return argument from the reply.

QDBusReply.__init__ (self, QDBusError error)

Constructs a QDBusReply object from the pending reply message, reply.

QDBusReply.__init__ (self, QDBusReply other)

Constructs an error reply from the D-Bus error code given by error.

QDBusError QDBusReply.error (self)

Returns the error code that was returned from the remote function call. If the remote call did not return an error (i.e., if it succeeded), then the QDBusError object that is returned will not be a valid error code (QDBusError.isValid() will return false).

See also isValid().

bool QDBusReply.isValid (self)

Returns true if no error occurred; otherwise, returns false.

See also error().

object QDBusReply.value (self, object type = None)

Returns the remote function's calls return value. If the remote call returned with an error, the return value of this function is undefined and may be undistinguishable from a valid return value.

This function is not available if the remote call returns void.

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